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A necktie is always used for decorative purposes and it usually rests below the collar and around the neck. The women population have always struggled and worked harder to ensure that they fight for their rights and to be given equal opportunities just like the men. In the current society the women have been given the opportunities and have felt like they are part of the society through leadership and governance.
Gender equality is always manifested in different ways including how people relate with each other, the opportunities they get and also the influence of the changing fashion. Women can now be able to wear the pants, coats and neckties which could have only be meant for the distinguished sex.

It shows the level of equality that exists in our current society.But there are some cases where the women can also wear a necktie for instance the airhostess and some of those who are leader in some official institutions.

Different institutions and the organizations will always have a specific way of dressing when they are in their specific places.You will always find that there are some institutions which will always require the male students to wear the necktie and the female students won’t be allowed to wear the same necktie. The neckties would either belong to the men alone or both the men and the ladies bringing inequality.

A person would always want to buy a necktie that would probably please another person since it would contribute to your physical appearance before the other people. A silk necktie will always last longer since it won’t tear off easily compared to the other types. The softness of the silk would however make the tie to be more beautiful in its physical appearance.

You should be able to see the heavy stitch that always joins the necktie at the ends which is always horizontal. The shape is lost in that you start seeing some airspaces in the tie caused by lack of bar tack.

It is always a critical aspect so that you choose a necktie that would smartly fit you and matches well with your body. Having a necktie that would match well with your existing looks a key component you should consider in the process of purchasing it.

You should ensure that the necktie has its all body parts. A good necktie will always have its bias well-trimmed.A good necktie will always be cut at an angle of forty five degrees and it will contribute a lot in the appearance of the tie.

Once you have considered all the factors and bought a necktie of your choice, it is also well important to maintain your necktie to ensure that it lasts long.

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